Also better packaging and shipping for you!! The dog food mill that has been manufacturing our dog food has offered us a buy out!! They want to sell our food under their brand!  EXACT SAME FOOD, just better packaging and shipping!!

Use the links below to purchase and you will get 25% off your first order and my family will get credit for you ordering from that link. You only have to use the link once. From then on you will just go straight to the website to order.

OnTheHunt is very excited about partnering with Muenster!! They are also going to sponsor our kennel as they love our success in the competition side of our dog training business. is our family dog training business.

We are happy for all of our customers!! Enjoy the SAVINGS, the better packaging and the FASTER shipping!!!

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Adult Ultra Fuel 31/20

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All Life Stages Athlete Fuel 26/18

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